OBD Tool for Suzuki

OBD Tool for Suzuki 1.215

Designed for Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles (other models in development)
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Designed for Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles (other models in development).
Includes a hardware interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the "FI" light coming on. The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair.

Factory solutions, at just a fraction of the cost!

* Cost is a fraction of the factory OBD tool (Suzuki OEM tool is $695 hardware plus $300 software). The Healtech OBD Tool is affordable even for private individuals and small repair shops.

* Software updates are offered FREE of charge for the lifetime of this product. Updates are automatic.

* Sensor values are shown in real time, enabling extended fault and engine performance analysis. Test functions are also included.

* The measurements are captured automatically and can be saved and played back from file.

* The USB connection, compact size and auto setup make this product portable and extremely easy to use.

* Rugged design, 100% weatherproof. Supplied in hard case.

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